I’m No Piece of Brittle

I'm no piece of brittle
My life plays like a roller coaster ride
Every minute emotions change
The thickness of my skin
Is no reflection of my path
But the path of those before me
The ancestors
The whips, the chains, being thrown off the boat
Hung by a rope
My feet can't dangle in the air
The price has been paid
Ain't got time for fear
Nigga please
Get the fuck outta here
I'm tearing down barriers
The rules of being in my place
Don't apply
Tokens are for Chucky Cheese
I'm building bricks
Splitting trees
I'm standing in the field
Fluffy whiteness to my knees
I breakdown the words
You believe are me
Recognize greatness
The strength in me
Is stronger than what man can see
On my back
I carry the cross
For the ancestors and the slaves
I take the whips for Jesus
I put the spiked crown on my head with ease
I absorb the pressure from the water
My feet aren't planted
They are cemented in purpose
No mirror for the image that is me
My knowledge can't be parted like the Red Sea
R.E.S.P.E.C.T Me
No limits
I'm sitting under the tree
Holding the branches of my blood line
I'm moving through time
With the mind God gave me
To proclaim
My purpose
Stories are my weapons
My words are my strength
My heart and soul will not be broken
My path has been written
No static in my stride
I'm claiming what's mine
The history of my ancestors supports my foundation
The blood of my mother and father is the lava I breath
I proclaim your evilness
Can't break me
Your fear can't rock me
I'm coming to the table
With all of my BLACKNESS
Light, dark, Carmel, midnight and high yellow
This world is nothing without me