Event of the Week: A tribute to Waverly Fitzgerald

Seattle author Waverly Fitzgerald passed away on December 13th of last year. Fitzgerald's intellect was omnivorous: she wrote historical romances and appreciations about the intersection between nature and urban life and guidebooks on how to celebrate the summer solstice, and a book titled Slow Time, about how to recapture a more humane and human sense of time.

Fitzgerald was a curious mind and a teacher to many and a member of several local writing organizations. She was never content to keep her knowledge to herself; she was always interested in sharing it, in helping others realize that the world was bigger and weirder and easier to manage than you may have guessed.

Fitzgerald also co-authored a series of dog-centric mysteries with local writer Curt Colbert under the pseudonum "Waverly Curtis." A shared pseudonym is a strange thing, because while Fitzgerald is no longer with us, Waverly Curtis is still in a kind of state of half-life. Curtis is still around to share his stories of Fitzgerald, and to explain what their collaboration was like.

That's what this Thursday's event is all about at Third Place Books Lake Forest Park. Curtis will remember his writing partner in a reading setting, to provide a little insight to the writing partnership that he shared for over a decade. Fitzgerald is gone, but her voice won't be forgotten.

Third Place Books Lake Forest Park, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 366-3333, http://thirdplacebooks.com, 7 pm, free.