Sponsor Love Week

You know who makes our literary heart go pitter-patter? Sponsors, that's who. You fine people who advertise on this website pay for all the original reporting, critique, and columns that tell you what's happening in the literary world of Seattle (and beyond). We couldn't do it without you.

That's why we've sent our bi-annual email to you listing our available sponsorship slots at a $25 discount. Check your inbox! The rest of these dates go on the site next week, February 17th, when they're available to the general public. We hope you'll take advantage of the discount — it's thanks for your previous sponsorships.

If you've never sponsored before but want to, check in next week to grab your preferred date. You'll also get two changes a year, like our current sponsors, to take advantage of sponsor love week and get future dates at $25 a week before anybody else. What a world.