An open call for poems about coronavirus, written while at home

April is National Poetry Month. Normally, we run a Poet in Residence during April. But given the situation in the world, with millions of people staying home, we thought doing something more democratic might be interesting.

We're asking poets to submit works about the coronavirus, however you might interpret that (in fact, our last Poet in Residence, Arianne True, left us with one such poem). We want work that you have written while being stuck at home.

It's worth acknowledging that being at home does not make one productive. Many have responded to the stress and anxiety of this time by not producing art, and that's an okay response. We hope you are safe and taking care of yourself.

But for those of you are channeling your experience into your craft, we'd like you to share. Thank you for entrusting us with your work.

  • Please submit a single poem only, written recently during the coronavirus pandemic, unpublished elsewhere.
  • You will retain full rights to the work.
  • We pay $25 on publication.
  • This call is open to poets anywhere, but we will give strong priority to poets with a Pacific Northwest connection.
  • We will make every good faith attempt to notify you if we do not accept your work, but please be patient with us. We are a small operation, and we don't know what the response will be like.
  • We don't know how long this will be open, or how many poems we are going to run. Like the coronavirus itself, there is much to learn. We will publish any updates here, and on our Twitter feed.

If all that sounds acceptable to you, please submit your work here. Thank you!