Pocket Pal Bromides Attributed to Celebrities

I feel that luck is one thing
I was smart enough to go through
Dressed in overalls and meeting
Opportunity measured by
Your most unhappy customers
Who know something
When nobody is looking.

The worst mistake a boss can make is
The opposite of love, the secret of business,
The trouble with learning from one acorn.

Miracles are nothing, the creation of any place
Worth going to arrive at a conclusion.

Failing nineteen times, I’ve learned the one
Who brings out the best in me
Looks like an empty mind
With an open one to ask a better question.

It’s indifference not to say well done
To get a better answer and start doing
The history of tomorrow nobody else knows
To be receptive of feedback.

Anything worth doing is the name
We give our mistakes to see
What is right when you hit bottom.

Success is how high you bounce
Successful people,
Your chances of success,
The key to success, and succeding.