Twentieth Century Captain

You know Ivan Schneider. He’s one of our most prolific reviewers and writers. Now, he’s become a sponsor of the site, as well! In his spare time, when not hunting for canine clues in Cervantes, he undertook a great project. Ivan sat with his 97-year-old father, and documented the stories of Leon Schneider’s notable and amazing life. Then, he turned those stories into a concise, engaging volume called Leon: a Life.

He wanted to make sure Seattle Review of Books readers knew about this — he knows our readers love a compelling, engaging story well-told, full of adventure and heart. Visit our sponsor’s page to read more about this work, or to find out how to procure a copy — for 20% off this week! — at a local store, or find other ways to view and purchase online.

You’re part of the best book city in the world, and we want everyone to know who you are. We’re about to release our block of fall and winter dates, so after you’re done with (hopefully) a nice vacation, or at the very least a dip-of-the-toes into an alpine lake, get ready for the fall book season by making sure book lovers in Seattle know more about yours. Reach out to us for details, and to find out availability!