My brothers

I love you
Truth is I miss you too
As bullets fly
Not knowing whom they are hitting
I cry because it pierced your skin
It entered the temple that is you
You whom I've known
You who made me laugh
You who comforted me when no one else could

You who dreamed of a future
Hoop dreams
Touchdowns in the snow
Lawyers freeing others
Doctors in the emergency
Lyrical genius
Pilots above the clouds

My brothers who are
Fathers who loved despite sin
Brothers who tickled and teased
Cousins that played until the days end.
Friends with bended ears
Lovers with passion and open hearts

My brothers
I love no matter what they say
Bottom line is they don't know the man who walked the streets during the day
The news said the numbers are high
Black men are dying Dropping like flies
How can we survive with your strength
Your love your kindness
That completes the families strength
I can no longer look beyond the bullets flying
Because my life is in complete with you not by my side

My brothers
I love you
It's you whom I love
Your touch
Your smile
On earth and above
No more wings
Place your two feet on planet earth
And stay with me my brother
No more tears
Erase the fears
Our love endears

Forever my brothers