The Help Desk: A more perfect union

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Dear Cienna,

My fellow booksellers are trying to unionize. I just don't know if it's worth the time and trouble, when independent bookselling is such a low-paying job. It's not like Powell's employees are driving around in Rolls Royces, and they've been unionized for a couple of decades.

I get the importance of unions in general; my uncle works at a grocery store and he says the union has been great for him. But for a low-margin business like bookselling, it seems like this is just going to be a big timesuck that actually doesn't improve our workplace conditions. Should I vote to unionize, even if I don't think it will help? I don't want to let my coworkers down.


[Neighborhood withheld to reserve anonymity]

Dear Lawrence,

Yes, you should vote to unionize. Unions aren't perfect but show me a governing or organizing body that is. Life is bleak right now, give your coworkers a win.

That's why this year, I let Beatrix eat the Easter Bunny. (I know she's an alligator but she's still my daughter. And at her age, believing in the Easter Bunny is a bit pathetic. Don't worry, we gave him a good send off – I stuffed him full of chocolate and into a little velveteen vest first.)

Be skeptical but optimistic, engage in the process, and maybe it'll surprise you. We sure as hell surprised that bunny.