Teen Angels

My life would be worthless floating face down
In that dirty old river so lovely and warm
That fateful night as while casting a spell
Loaded to the blastin’ point

Is that really Jimmy’s ring clutched in your fingers?
The kids call him Jimmy the Saint
With wicked Felina, the girl that I loved
I begged him to go slow by the coal yards
Head first to the graveyard

They said they found my high school ring
They told me he was bad
They heard him say, how can you be so cruel?
They pulled him from the twisted wreck
They all stop and stare

But you went running back and asked me why
But I’ll join you tonight and there’s nothing
But my love for Felina and five mounted
Cowboys just sweet sixteen

What could I do?
Oh what can I do?
Will I see you any more?
Hey kid, you think that’s oil?
And am I still your own true love?
Were lovers stalled upon the railroad track
By the river in El Paso at the candy store
Lyin’ there upon the grave?

Yes, we see how his car overturned in flames
How that ever can happen where the horses were tied

I feel the bullet go deep in my chest
The shadows wave into a point I’ll never kiss
Your lips again and kissed
One little kiss and Felina, good-bye